• Heng Bok Korean Restaurant
  • Heng Bok Korean Restaurant
  • Heng Bok Korean Restaurant



About Us

To all food connoisseurs in the city, one of the finest and dedicated Korean restaurant hengbok has now been shifted right next to its Japanese cuisine site kofuku. Small, clean and with minimal decor makes us very welcoming.

If you are looking for a spicy Asian food yet you are done with Chinese and Thai noodles, hengbok is the best place to bless your taste buds. There is more to Korean food than bimbimbap or kimbap.

However, it is always safe, to begin with, kimbap as it kind of sets the base for all the dishes to come. The combination of rice with a juicy taste of the fresh vegetable along with the seaweed all together creates a succulent savoury. It is even better when dipped in Spicy sauce.

Try our ramyeon with spice- soaked cabbages called kimchi. Maybe perhaps a fried pork also dipped together. Forget about etiquette as Korean food tastes best when you have them in mouthfuls so that you can chew them together.

As the Korean songs at the backdrop continuously rolls in loop, you will find yourself in rhythm with the dishes. So come and dine-in with us.